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This is a wiki page for The Seasteading Institute. It is meant to collect and organize community-generated information. Ideas about how to use it:

  • Collecting data on availability and pricing of things like generators, scrap, etc.
  • Gathering Proposals
  • Gathering information

Some things that don't belong here:

  • Discussion (use the forums instead)
  • Duplicated information in the seasteading book. Please link to it instead.

Wikis tend to get disorganized, so please feel free to re-organize and re-arrange when needed - organizing information can be just as useful as adding it!

Please use Categories whenever possible! Categories allow for auto-generated indexes of pages on a specific topic, like designs which use spars: Category:Spar.


This wiki is our first experiment with using a "standard" technology (MediaWiki) rather than doing everything within Drupal, which powers seasteading.org. Feel free to comment on this choice here.


  • Quick & easy (thanks Joep!)
  • Separate servers means less DB load, less security issues
  • Clear separation between published and community content


  • Accounts are not unified (although this may be fixable)
  • The theme/look is different
  • There is debate over whether Drupal w/ a WYSIWYG editor makes a better wiki than MediaWiki.
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