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Seasteading Map

[Seasteader's Map|[1]]


  • person: seasteading fan
  • ship: boatbuilder
  • anchor: local liveaboard
  • sailboat: nomadic liveaboard
  • house: intentional community
  • money: expensive (for-profit) project
  • info: non-profit information only project
  • question: an unverified project
  • red exclaim triangle: negative ley line node (vanish here)
  • green point star tag: balanced ley line node (gather here)
  • yellow sun tag: positive ley line node (create here)

Notable Seasteaders

Ley Line Nodes

balanced nodes

The equator is known as the Grand Line has 10 balanced nodes, it is surrounded by positive-nodes, but is protected by it's own balanced nature. It may become the hub of seasteading civilization. Remember it 's in the doldrums, so solar-power and engines are recommended.

The balanced nodes on the southern 51st parallel are in the "Furious Fifties" places of very high wind and waves, so it's recommended to only go there if you have stabilizers, or are a submarine. The high-winds and waves can be harvested for energy creation.

The balanced nodes on the northern 51st parallel are generally close to land, so could potentially be hubs of mineral resources.

The balanced nodes, on the 0th parallel are in the doldrums, on the 31st parallel in the horse-latitudes, places of calm winds so it is recommended to have solar power and engines. The calm winds, and balanced energies makes it easier to have stationary structures, so is a good place for gathering.

positive nodes

The positive nodes, are places of much creative energies, which is good in some ways, however some of them also create tropical-storms, so make sure you know how to handle the creative energies at the node you're going to.

negative nodes

The negative nodes, sometimes called the "devil's triangle's" or "vile vortices's", and are known for the disappearance of many ships and planes so avoid them, unless you'd like to vanish. Some theorize that there are natural stargates that spontaneously form and gobble the unwary. Some that have managed to get through to tell the tale, report that their navigation equipment went haywire, or unusual travel times.


As always, before going to visit a node, make sure it is safe to do so, and you are prepared for the conditions found there. For instance some of the nodes on the equator are unsafe due to large numbers of pirates, such as near Somalia. There may also be problems which aren't triangles, such as the large amount of piracy in the south-china sea.


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