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This is a wiki page for The Seasteading Institute. It is meant to collect and organize community-generated information with a specifically Seasteading orientation. Ideas about how to use it:

  • Collecting data on availability and pricing of things like generators, scrap, etc.
  • Gathering Proposals
  • Gathering information
  • Linking to relevant content elsewhere
  • Promoting learning via Wiki-Wander (requires extensive organization and internal cross-linking)
    • Wikis tend to get disorganized, so please feel free to re-organize and re-arrange when needed - organizing information can be just as useful as adding it!
  • A place to summarize and consolidate well-developed discussion threads into article form

Some things that don't belong here:

  • Discussion (use the forums instead)
  • Solicitations for funding/investing

Please use Categories whenever possible! Categories allow for auto-generated indexes of pages on a specific topic, like designs which use spars: Category:Spar.



  • Quick & easy (thanks Joep!)
  • Separate servers means less DB load, less security issues
  • Clear separation between published and community content


  • Accounts are not unified (although you are encouraged to sign up here using the same username to avoid confusion and for possible future compatibility if we can merge the discussion forum and Wiki user database.)
  • The theme/look is different