Article V Amendments

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Amendment XXVIII

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Amendment XXIX

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Amendment XXX

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Amendment XXXI

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Amendment XXXII

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Article V Proceedings

  • Write online survey on survey site.
  • Contact legislator in each state (preferably previous AV bill sponsor) to announce survey and/or forward to peers.
  • Track results per state.
  • Draft bill on wiki based on survey results.
  • Allow legislators to edit bill on wiki.
  • Create compact with slate of amendments and federal compliance measures (see below).
  • Have legislator in each target state introduce bill until 38 states.
  • Send to contact in HR and Senate.
  • If no response within one month, contact Arbitrator.
  • Call formalizing convention regardless with one rep per state to sign document - preferably physically.
  • Send to president for enforcement.
  • If president doesn't comply, measure indicates course of action:
    • Nullification of contradictory laws,
    • Impeachment proceedings for all offenders,
    • Secession as last resort.

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