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Mission Statement

Blue Frontiers is made up of passionate individuals from Polynesia and beyond, focused on building sustainable floating islands in a beautiful Tahitian lagoon under a special governing framework.

The mission is to develop a new, innovative community, enabling French Polynesia to grow its economy, attract foreign investment and international attention, and participate in creating a truly sustainable future. The blue technologies we are developing and integrating are tools for Polynesians and other coastal communities to expand the utility of their greatest asset – the ocean – and take action to address sea-level rise, which disproportionately affects Pacific island nations.


Blue Frontiers is creating an entirely new industry, developing floating islands that can be deployed around the world to places impacted by rising seas or are in need of expansion onto water.

We are pioneering better governance structures by creating experimental economic zones where political and social innovation can be implemented alongside those who choose to opt-in.

Business Organization

  • Blue Frontiers Pte. Ltd. was founded by the executive staff and members of the ambassador team of the non-profit The Seasteading Institute 501c3. Blue Frontiers and The Seasteading Institute work in collaboration on the Floating Island Project.