Breakwater Seastead

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The Breakwater Seastead is one of the types of Seastead. The idea is that if we only have to defend the perimeter against waves it should be more cost effective than if each boat/building/house has to be designed for the open ocean.

Arguments In Favor

  1. See also BreakwaterBay.
  2. A breakwater marks out a particular territory where some set of rules will apply.
  3. It provides a sheltered area, so a service to boats or smaller seasteads that people would pay for (people pay to park boats in marinas all the time).
  4. A breakwater makes the individual family vessels much easier since they don't need to handle large waves.

Arguments Against

  1. Probably not the lowest cost way to make the first seastead.
  2. To fully stop waves in the deep ocean would take an enormous wall as they go down about half the wavelength. So a 600 foot long wave goes down about 300 feet. Not sure how well stopping the small waves and floating up and down with the big waves would really work out.