Building Seastead Community

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Building the Seastead Community is one of the strategies to help advance the seasteading cause. This can also be viewed as publicize/teach/evangelize. The more people who understand and support the seasteading ideas the easier it will be to bring them about.

Arguments In Favor

  1. Need to organize and educate people to make things happen.
  2. Many hands make light work.
  3. More supporters makes fund raising easier.
  4. It is easier for groups to get together and work on something if there are many seasteading people around.
  5. If their are enough people sold on the seasteading ideas someone will build a seastead.

Arguments Against

  1. Publicity takes time and often money.
  2. Most of the potential supporters have already been exposed to the seasteading ideas.
  3. We have limited resources and should not devote too much to missionary work.
  4. If we actually had seasteads working, we would naturally attract many more people to the cause. For example if we had some seasteads we could do a Reality TV show and get tons of publicity. So the best way to build the community is to get real seasteads working.
  5. Danger of spending effort preaching to the choir.