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Wireless phone system

Paging system - "Smart system" where everyone wears a transponder so the communications system knows where to page/ring you?

Fire/Life Safety systems - Detection and Warning

Entertainment - Internal Fiberoptic network to move large quantities of data - movies, etc? Cable TV analog


Satellite Communications


Satellite Entertainment TV/Radio

Multiple dishes?

High Frequency Radio - 2-30MHz

Worldwide Coverage, very large antennas (30+ meters long, or longer?)

Possible 'Pirate' Radio Station(s)?

GMDSS System Global Maritime Distress Signal System, SOLAS requirement

VHF-FM Radio Marine Band 156-158 MHz SOLAS requirements to maintain a listening watch on distress frequencies

Coordinate small boat activities around SeaStead, each small boat equipped with one of these too.

Relatively small radios, low power (~25w ERP), small antennas (2 meters or less in length, max. Handhelds ~8" long)

VHF-AM Radio Aircraft Band 118-136MHz

Coordinating air traffic inbound and outbound.

Several frequencies: Departure/Approach, Tower (landing), Ground (ground movement), coordination frequencies

Air Traffic Control radar

Air Navigation aids? VOR/DME/ TACAN or rely on GPS?

Tactical Radios - Trunked 800 MHz systems? Used for:

Firefighting / EMS



Law Enforcement?

Need to investigate frequency propagation through structures.

Other radios - Ability to monitor/speak on military frequencies, ie

30-70 MHz FM (Military Tactical Net);

220-400 MHz AM (Military aviation band), etc?

"Company" radios for SeaStead operations, similar to business-band frequencies (VHF-FM High at 150MHz or UHF-FM at 450-470MHz and/or 800 MHz trunked system. Will probably require robust encryption.