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Crowd funding is a relatively new option for raising money for projects, causes, and charitable assistance. The explosion of social media platforms naturally led to people using them to make money and ask for money. Concurrently, cynicism over potential scams has risen, often with good cause.

Most crowd funding applications have integration with social media and therefore getting the link shared is the key to raising money. Good descriptions of causes with broad appeal tend to do better. Reasonable target amounts are far more likely to be successful. Some platforms allow for incremental amounts t be donated. Some platforms require meeting the target in order for funds to be disbursed, thus allowing for some evolutionary feedback as to the worthiness of a given funding request.

One crowdfunding platform specifically for real estate is Groundfloor. this organization purports to offer opportunities in real estate (wherever they may be) to accredited and unaccredited investors in 8 US states and the District of Columbia, using "Recourse Limited Obligations" against equity in the real estate, under the terms of an offer circular filed with the SEC, with loan risk categorized in classes A-G and interest rates according to risk category from 5.5% to 28%.