Declaration of Autonomy

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Declaration of Autonomy

for The Autonomous Freezone of _____________________________(Grantee)

by the undersigned (Grantors)

In order to establish an autonomous commercial and residential freezone for the territory under consideration, it is necessary for its proprietors to guarantee to the community that said territory is and shall hereafter remain autonomous in all matters public and private. Therefore:

By my signature, and by authority of my incontestable title to my portion of the combined possession and dominion of the properties and bundled rights that compose the territory a description of whose frontier is affixed hereto, I, the undersigned, hereby grant to Grantee perpetual enjoyment of the liberties protected by the Constitution of the Autonomous Freezone of Aquia, affixed hereto, in said territory.

I shall retain title to my/our private property along with the rights I currently enjoy, as well as any and all other properties which I now possess, and the right to participate in any activity that does not violate the rights of other individuals, as specified in the Constitution of the Autonomous Freezone of Aquia.

I may lease all or part of my land under the ClubStead Master Lease, along with any rights bundled therewith, but may not prevent any peaceful activity by the tenants, nor interfere in any manner with their rights as protected by the Constitution of the Autonomous Freezone of Aquia.

I agree that all public spaces, businesses, contracts, lots, plazas, empty lands, buildings, fortifications, and other non-private properties are to be included in said territory, and I will not impede their peaceful development. Every property and business that is now private shall remain under the jurisdiction of its proprietor until and unless he chooses to dispose of said property.

Copies of any archives, papers and documents that pertain to the dominion of said territory and its dependencies shall be made freely available to any pertinent parties for whom the documents may be necessary.

All current inhabitants of said territory shall be incorporated into the Autonomous Freezone of Aquia, in order that they might enjoy the rights and advantages of membership, and continue in the free exercise of their liberty, property, and any peaceful religion that they profess.

Any dispute arising under this Declaration shall be resolved in accordance with Part B Article V of the Constitution of Las Portadas.

Signature of Las Portadas Ambassador, and names, dates, and signatures and/or thumbprints of proprietors and their notarizing officials here: