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Ephemerisle will be an annual gathering on the water of people interested in seasteading. The first gathering will be inside the San Fransisco Bay. Future years might be outside the bay or further out in the ocean. It could have some of the flavor of Burning Man (also here).

It is likely to happen on the July 4th weekend and last for several days.

Some early ideas about it are described here.

The ephemerisle-planning mailing list has discussions about how it might work.

Boats will be an important part of the gathering. See The SF Seasteaders Sailing Club for information about handling boats. We may also have a central custom built platform. It might be something cheap using techniques similar to this PVC pipe quonset hut design from Burning Man, or we might need something more expensive such as Candock

One proposal is to have an Ephemerisle Contest between seastead models. These models would be large enough to play on, like WaterWalker2. There might be constraints like requiring that the model can be transported by a single pickup truck. Prizes might be in the $500 to $2,000 range.

Some California boat regulations should be kept in mind when designing new structures that might be boat-like.

Some options for organizing Ephemerisle

San Mateo Bridge, west end
San Mateo Bridge, east end
San Pablo Bay
Long Beach