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Welcome to Ephemerisle! The first-ever floating festival of politics, community and art will be held October 2-4, 2009 in the Sacramento Bay Delta, exact location TBA, but most likely the lagoon inside Headreach Island. Participants will bring their crafts and their ideas to build an eclectic temporary village of boats, rafts, barges, junks, and other floating structures.

Official Information

Official information lives on ephemerisle.org, such as:

This wiki page is for community coordination. We've seeded it with some content, but feel free to use it for whatever you'd like!


Post your info here! Ideas: Name, random facts about you, any cool stuff you will bring, your vessel, what you are most excited about.

Attendee List


Suggested format (feel free to change this):

  • NEED (vs. OFFER)
  • Who: Sharky The Shark.
  • When: Friday afternoon.
  • Gear: Just my sharp teeth, and some hot sauce that goes well with human flesh...mmm...
  • Offering: You will be spared my bloody rampage.

Rideshare List

  • None yet.


This is for boat sharing, ie renting a large houseboat together. Note whether you have a boat reserved, how large a boat, what type of group you are looking for ("Other single moms bringing their children to experience the magic of water-based political self-expression!", "we're young, we're gay, and we are here to play!", "Tortured artistic souls only, ready to writhe in the agony of intense creative expression and conflict").

Boatshare List

  • Lasse Birk Olesen Looking for people to share a boat/another floating structure with. Preferably someone who won't mind some late-night partying. E-mail me

Houseboat Info

  • Here are scans of some of houseboat info the provided by the rentors at Paradide Point Marina. Things like the "Suggested items to bring" may be useful for planning, particularly if you're going to be using one of their houseboats.

Boats & Platforms


Share your ideas and resources about how to construct floating platforms cheaply, easily, and with sheer joyful madness and exuberance! Note that there is an Ephemerisle Grant Program to subsidize particularly fun, interesting, or creative platforms.


Greg has a post about Boat Building 101 on the Ephemerisle blog: http://ephemerisle.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/boat-building-101/


  • There is a SFSeasteadersSailingClub mailing list.
  • If you need access to tools and machines, TechShop is a great resource.
  • The NIMBY artist space in Oakland is a good place to build things. The Ephemerisle Staff are tentatively planning to have a series of work days there (probably on Saturdays), where people can build their own platforms, help build the central platform, and get advice and assistance from the President of Platforms, Chicken John.
  • Thomas Yost has a lot of information regarding kayak construction, including inflatables, on his website.YostWerks


Greg has a post about water camping on the cheap on the Ephemerisle blog: http://ephemerisle.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/water-camping-on-the-cheap/

An inflatable whitewater raft or life rafter makes fine private space.

Used boats can be found on Craigslist, prices are extremely low right now due to the recession.

A Paddleboat would be fun for getting around. New they are $300 -$1000, but they regularly come up for sale on Craigslist and eBay. For example, August 17th, PEDAL BOAT - $100 (fremont / union city / newark) - someone should buy this!

Inflatable Platforms

Many websites sell inflatable pool and lake toys, like http://www.inflatabletrampolines.com/. Here are some examples:

What to Bring

Yourself, a good attitude, sunscreen, ideas about politics, seastead structure ideas, seastead models, seastead prototypes, ...

See the Seasteading wiki for a discussion of Personal Safety Equipment.

Art & Activities

Art & Activity Previews

Give people a preview of the art you are planning to bring, activities you will host, classes you could teach...

Art & Activity Ideas

Big Group Activity

It would be neat to have a big group activity/spectacle, like the Burning of the Man. Add your ideas here: EphemerisleGroupActivity

Water Craft / Transport


  • Write a song, 5-minute play, or standup comedy routine about living on the water / seasteading / ephemerisle.

Seastead Model Contest Next Year?

In future Ephemerisles it could be good to have an Ephemerisle Contest between seastead models. These models would be large enough to play on, like WaterWalker2. There might be constraints like requiring that the model can be transported by a single pickup truck. Prizes might be in the $500 to $2,000 range. If the location does not have waves, speedboat wakes can be used to test models.