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Proposed Ephemerisle location: near the San Mateo Bridge (probably on the north side), west of the channel.


  • Access from 3rd ave beach for nonstandard structures with no apparent rules that might cause complications
  • Waves, current probably below average for bay
  • Little conflict with other vessels (provided we stay windward/leeward from windsurfer path)
  • Visible from bridge, planes, windsurfer lane?
  • minimal driving and sailing distance for largest population of seasteaders


  • convenient beach access depends on the tide being moderately high; for 2009 the tide should be high enough from 10am to 2pm on July 3, and from noon to 4pm on July 5
  • the beach access requires carrying structures over a few rocks to the sandy beach or using a narrow paved ramp (2 feet wide?) to a somewhat rocky launch site
  • the beach access is sometimes crowded with windsurfers, mainly in the afternoon
  • noise from planes landing at SFO would be a minor nuisance while sleeping