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The first annual seasteading conference will be Friday, October 10th, at the Embassy Suites in Burlingame, CA. If you are interested in attending, please add your name and/or email address here. (If you have a account, you can just put {{U|your_username}}). The cost will be $195, which covers food, space, equipment, and some schwag. The conference is free for students (although they will have to cover airfare and lodging).

This is not a "sit around and listen to a few presenters" sort of conference. Instead, we're going to have a bunch of small workshops where groups brainstorm about solutions to some of the challenges we face, research those solutions, and come up w/ recommendations. If there is a particular area that you'd like to lead a workshop / session on, please note it. Also feel free to add workshop topics.

There is also a page for conference organizers: FirstAnnualConferencePlanning


  • Patri - General overview of seasteading / plans / progress / challenges. Business plan for seastead resort.
  • Wayne - Low cost seasteading / improving governance
  • crasch - Design ideas for low-cost, owner-builder seasteads.
  • TimWorsley - Internet business options for new nations.
  • Joel(possibly) - Making sure seasteads don't facilitate the spread invasive species. Also seasteads as options for placing AI out of the (immediate) reach of governments.
  • calcsam - possibly.
  • jvonehr - Interested in location, construction materials, governance
  • anateus - Infrastructure, security (physical, and crypto), transportation, fault-tolerance and contingency plans.

Workshop Topics

  • Seastead design: What will the structure be and how does that impact other issues?
  • Location: Where should the first seastead be located (or what's its migration path)?
  • Transportation: How to get to/from (helicopters are slow, but planes are hard to land. boats are slow. What are our best options?)
  • Business plan for seastead resort
  • Marketing/PR: how to make our ideas sticky
  • Transitions: How to provide an incremental path for people to transition from land to seastead life?
  • Government/Organization: What are good forms of seastead government for individual seasteads? How to organize multiple seasteads?
  • Ephemerisle: Make it happen in 2009!
  • international relations: trade, defense, international acceptation of seastead (and its currency and documents)