Floating City Seastead

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The Floating City Seastead is one type of Seastead. Key idea is that if many people go together on a single large structure it should be big enough to handle large waves.

Arguments In Favor

  1. See also High Road.
  2. There is also a community of people so it is easier to have specialized jobs and social interaction.
  3. There are probably economies of scale in Internet access, power production, water filtration, and other systems.
  4. It is sort of like an oil platform which people know how to build.

Arguments Against

  1. Higher initial investment than some other types of seastead, not very incremental.
  2. A 200 person community needs to have some rules and procedures. Could end up like a land democracy. The wrong rules could cause the venture to fail.
  3. Easier for existing governments to put pressure on a large seastead than lots of small ones run by different people and spread out.
  4. Hard for subsets of population to do dynamic geography if it is one big structure.
  5. Floating oil platforms usually get their stability from tension legs that tie them to the bottom. If a seastead is not doing this it is different from the normal oil platform.