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"Winds carry salt spray inland, leaving salt deposits on plants. Salt causes water to move out of the plants in a process called exosmosis. Especially on young leaves, this often results in the marginal burning and loss of leaves in non-salt-tolerant plants."

Reference: Salt-Tolerant Plants for Florida

Reference: Wikipedia Halophyte article

Saline Agriculture for Developing Countries (Book, Free PDF download)

Edible Salt Water Plants for Ocean & Raft Survival

Agriculture for the incipient Seasteader falls into 5 obvious areas of practice, any or all of which benefit from working with nature, climate, and biology rather than against it. Choosing plants which will thrive in, on, or near the ocean is critical for success and efficient use of resources, including space, nutrients, fresh water, and manpower. The five areas are:

  • Food & Fodder production (for humans and livestock)
  • Fiber and building materials
  • Fuel (including bio-diesel, bio-gas/methane, ethanol/methanol and plain combustion)
  • Eco-remediation and environmental engineering (dealing with pollutants & waste streams, and physical concerns such as wave attenuation, erosion control, sun shade, and wind breaks)
  • Psychological relief of visually austere environments, i.e. landscaping for beauty and comfort

Resources for:


See also: Aquaculture, Permaculture

Salt Tolerant Species (Wikipedia):

Banana Barbados Cherry Barberry Black Sapote Chinaberry Cocoplum Coconut Palm Date Palm Dwarf Saltwort Figs Guava Jelly (Pindo) Palm Kukui/Candlenut Kumquat Lime Berry Loquat Malay Rose Apple Mammea Apple Mango Mulberry Natal Plum Oil Palm Persimmon Pigeon Plum Pineapple Guava Red Mangrove Sapodilla Sea Grape Star Apple Tamarind Vetiver Grass Washington Palm

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