Las Portadas

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Las Portadas is a strategy to accelerate the development of modular enclaves of freedom that overcome the imperfections of majoritarian democracy and other political systems. Based on the guiding principles outlined in Instead of Politics (Civilization 101), Las Portadas capitalizes fully on natural market mechanisms that allow the growth of natural government - which is vastly superior to any political system. While this method does rely to some extent on voting and politicking to speed the transition from political to free societies, any political role in their development is explicitly external and temporary, and any development of politics in any official capacity is explicitly forbidden in the communities themselves. They remain legally polycentric, and must rely on natural legal tort and contract remedies for every flavor of aggression. The extent of competition for security and law will be unlimited. Further, the direct financial interest of competing insurers in the security of those they protect ensures even stronger incentives for their protection. Best of all, since advanced subrogation mechanisms will be fully employed, uninsured victims of aggression can be fully compensated without having to participate in the recoupment process.

Las Portadas consists of three functional bodies; the Board of Subrogation, the House of Arbitrators, and the Council of Government Interface. The Board is made up of those who initially underwrite the security of the autonomous communities. The House is made up of those who promote market-based legal remedies explicitly based on individual sovereignty. The Council is made up of those who contribute to the development of these autonomous communities by promoting their establishment and negotiating with existing political entities for their transfer. Any action by any one of these three bodies can be vetoed by either of the other bodies or by the Coordinator. Every activity of Las Portadas must be explicitly authorized by this Constitution. In order to prevent monopolization, the role of Las Portadas in these communities is explicitly limited to services provided on a voluntary basis. Associates may choose alternative legal and defense services, as well as monetary systems, at their own discretion.