Low Cost Wave Tank

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Wave tank time costs money. The Berkeley Wave Tank (cerca 1930's), which is basically a long narrow tank designed for pull testing of ship hulls costs about $1500/day. A more modern wave tank costs $10,000/day. At these expense rates, the question arises "can we build our own wave tank, get useful results and still achieve significant cost savings?" This article explores several low cost wave tank alternatives that are geared toward testing seastead desgins.

To date, four basic low cost concepts have emerged:

  • Large Aquarium Tank. A large 125 gallon aquarium tank is long and narrow and might be suitable for some wave tank testing.
  • Swimming Pool. A swimming pool of the right shape and depth might be adaptable to wave tank usage.
  • Dig a Ditch. A ditch can be dug in the ground and lined with plastic.
  • Water Trough. An above ground trough is filled with water.

These four designs are explored futher below.

Aquarium Tank

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Swimming Pool

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Dig a Ditch

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Water Trough

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