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Ocean Environment
General · Waves · Sea state · Currents · Wind · Politics · Piracy · Biofouling
Structure Designs
Structure requirements · PintStead · Spar · Semi-submersible · Submersible · Boats · Collaborative Design · Space Frame · Low Cost Seastead · Conex dumbbell ·
Materials · Thin Shell Ferrocement · Concrete · Geopolymer · Basalt
Engineering Data
Low Cost Wave Tank · Scale models · Wind Loads · Seasteading Software
Stability & Propulsion
Stability · Propulsion · Station Keeping · Gyroscopes · Stabilizers · Pneumatically Stabilized Platforms · Connections
Hydrothermal · OTEC · Wave Power · Currents · Osmotic Power · Energy Storage · Micro-grid · Biofuel · Wind turbines · Kites · Photovoltaics · Nuclear
Support Infrastructure
Fresh water · Food · Farming · Waste Disposal · Shelter · Appliances · Communications · Transportation · Medical and Health Care · Infrastructure Example
Socio-Economic, Political, and Legal
Legal · Defense · Money
The Market
Other projects and organisations · Seastead ventures · Publicity · Cost estimation · Suppliers · Training · Prizes

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