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What can be used as money on a seastead?

National (fiat) currencies?

Private currencies backed by some resource (gold, oil)?

Private currency backed by stocks? (like a mutual fund)

Raw resources (gold or silver by weight, maybe as coins)?

Cryptocurrencies (such as DeroGold)?

What practical alternatives are available today?

Seasteading Inc Stocks

Shares could be used like money. For example, Seasteading Inc starts up with all 1.000,000 shares owned by Seasteading Investments Inc, investing $ 500,000. After a year, the vessel is actually built, condos are rented or sold, it seems to have been a good investment. Instead of $ 0.50, people would want to buy the shares for $ 1.00. Now Seasteading Investments actually turns into the first Seasteading First Bank. It sells and buys shares, now called SeasteadDollars, at prices they think are profitable. People hold the shares in their account and pay electronically (or the Bank can give out IOU's instead, but that might prove to be a bit too old fashioned). Seasteading Inc has a special role. It can buy and sell SeasteadDollars as well, but it doesn't have an account. When Seasteading Inc buys SeasteadDollars at Seasteading First Bank because they made a profit that somehow needs to be paid to the investors, it just pays money and immediately destroys the underlying shares, and vice versa, if a big paint job has to be done and Seasteading Inc doesn't have the cash at hand, it starts selling SeasteadDollars by just "printing them".

Possible advantages

  • There would be no need for a listing at a land based stock exchange to be able to invest easily in Seasteading Inc.
  • The exchange rate of the SeasteadDollar would nicely reflect how well things are going.
  • The money would have an intrinsic value that can not be tampered by any of the players.
  • Just owning SeasteadDollars may be cool enough to attract some capital for Seastead 1.0.

Possible disadvantages

  • The total worth of the infrastructure (i.e. the Seastead) may be too small compared to the amount of money needed.
  • "Importing and exporting" gets more expensive because there is more risk to it.
  • Multiple, competing Seasteading Incs would automatically mean more competing currencies which may not be desirable in small markets. Failing companies would be punished faster, though so it might even speed up competition.
  • Creating coins and paper money is expensive, especially at small scales.
  • Creating and destroying shares may come with legal difficulties.


  • Seasteading Inc has an incentive for people on board to use SeasteadDollars, so may want to lower rents for on board ventures that will accept them.
  • When Seasteading Inc is not actually building yet, it could use just invest it in something conventional like gold. This could be a way to invest in gold without having to pay VAT.


The DeroGold Association is the future of crypto today and we welcome you aboard. Our coin utilizes new technology thanks to the features that are being implemented in TurtleCoin. We have the algorithm CN-TURTLE which increases our hashrates enormously while staying Asic resistant. Lite-blocks are employed which reduces our blockchain size by approximately 95% in comparison to if we had not used the new lite-blocks technology. DEGO aims to be one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies for transacting. Please join us at our discord !


DIFFICULTY TARGET = 20; // seconds


MONEY SUPPLY (in atomic units) = 10000000000000000





PORTS = 42069 and 6969



Year 1: We plan to have DeroGold spread to the masses through proof of work, word of mouth, online exchanges, and by giving the coins away to our friends and discord members as gifts. A premine of 0, we will be doing all giveaways thanks to generous DeroGold Association community members.

Year 2: We will implement DeroGold into payment systems for major vendors as a way for people to buy their consumer goods online as well as buying in physical stores with their mobile devices.

Year 3: We will have major nation-states accept DeroGold as their main currency so that all the country's/micro-nation's transactions are done with DEGO.

Year 4 and beyond: We plan to continue the proliferation of the DeroGold system to the rest of the world until DEGO is the most ubiquitous cryptocurrency used by everyone on Earth and other planets like Mars (including any other planets that we may Terra-form after that).

Why DeroGold?

DEGO was designed entirely for mass adoption, having only 2 decimals makes the coins intuitive like physical dollars as they are only divided down to 1/100th of a coin and not 1/100,000,000 like BTC. DEGO unlike BTC can be mined by the average person using a computer or similar device making it much more accessible. By upcycling old computer parts to mine, we are reducing the amount of waste going to landfills.

How to achieve the goals of the roadmap?

Year 1: The best thing we can do is tell as many people as possible about DeroGold. Without name recognition it will be hard to gain traction. The more people that know about DEGO, the more relevant DEGO becomes to the cryptosphere in general. One of the best things you can do personally, is to hand out paper wallets to your friends and loved ones as gifts. Get them interested in cryptocurrency and teach them about it at the same time. Year 2: By now DeroGold should have gained a decent amount of recognition, we need the big names in crypto to take notice and apply DEGO to their own services, on sites such as for example. With a low transaction fee and quick transaction time, DeroGold should make itself appeal to people and be presented as a viable alternative to existent payment gateways. Furthermore, using DeroGold to transact would serve as a means to protect people from the greed of credit card companies and fractional reserve banking. Year 3: This will be the phase where DeroGold becomes the official currency of our micronation comprised of floating islands constructed by people around the world. We want to teach people how to be able to seastead and use DeroGold. We also want to get other nations on board when inevitably these banking crises happen. This should lead to mass adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide as integral to a person’s lifestyle. Cryptocurrency will present itself as a better option than fiat. Year 4 and beyond: Obviously the most lofty part of the roadmap, this stage will rely on the success DEGO achieves as a currency used globally and depends upon the advancements in technology favoring the use of cryptocurrency and deep space exploration. This also includes having our ideas of permaculture and homesteading heading to planets other than Earth.

What’s the process for forming an island?

Many different components go into our process for forming an island. First of all, we want our islands to be sustainable. To achieve this, it will have to be a floating island made from recycled materials such as plastic, metal, styrofoam, wood, and anything else that is repurposable. Permaculture designs will be incorporated, along with aquaculture and subsistence farming. The main intention of DEGO being global means that we teach you how to recreate our formulated process for constructing your own floating islands. Seeing as how DeroGold members are already located all over the world this signifies to us that our building design and permaculture design will have to vary and adapt as the different climate zones require different flora and fauna and structural requirements. The more people we have constructing islands with us the more we can improve the process and the stronger our network of influence becomes. The actual process we plan to adhere to isn’t the most complicated but definitely requires lots of planning for suitable habitats. The cost of transporting supplies must be considered as well as the labor costs. At first glance, the process will likely be involved by only the most committed community members as it will be literally embarking out into the middle of the ocean for months or years at a time building and maintaining an island and working to expand it.

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