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Tax laws often make it attractive for someone to buy a yacht and charter it out. There are many companies that will sell you a yacht and then manage the rental of it for you. They might arrange financing, they take care of the yacht, they advertise and deal with the customers, and they get a cut. The owner gets help with the cost of owning a yacht. We could do a similar thing with seasteads.

If we can get rentals that come close to justifying the cost, then we can get investors to buy seasteads. So the capital to expand quickly could work out well.

The management company could even be migrating around some fixed route on a seastead.

We might even be able to get investors who just wanted to put up some cash, which we loaned to someone who was buying a seastead. So we could sort of start our own banking system. If the rental rates make ownership profitable it could be a very reasonable investment for both owners and people just investing some cash.

If seasteads have the privacy of a yacht, are more stable, and cheaper to operate, then we should do well competing with the regular yacht charter business.