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If you wish to share a specific implementation of a seastead component, or perhaps an entire platform, create the page under your username, then link to it from here from the appropriate category.

For example, if you have a plan for a complete hybrid power system, create a page called "User:MyUsername/10_Kilowatt_Integrated_Power_System". Creating a page is really simple. Type the name of the new page in the box on the left and click Go.


User design pages should be left to the original creator. Only make changes for things like spelling/math, and only if you're sure you're right.

Otherwise, criticize or comment on the proposal in the article's talk page.


Example layout

  • Overview - Describe the system you've designed.
  • Conditional Requirements - e.g. "This power system requires the platform to be very stable."
  • Costs - Breakdown of cost estimates and a total if possible.
  • Material Availability - Where to get the items necessary for the system.

To categorize proposals, please add them to one or more of the following categories by putting [[Category:NameOfTheCategory]] somewhere in the text. More information on categories can be found here.

Design type Absolute requirements Negotiable requirements
Category:ExternalTruss Category:RequirementCargo Category:RequirementFreeFloating
Category:MultiColumn Category:RequirementComfort Category:RequirementStandards
Category:SingleColumn Category:RequirementModular Category:RequirementMobile
Category:Spar Category:RequirementSafety Category:RequirementScalable
Category:Truss Category:RequirementCost
Category:TensionCircle Category:RequirementDraft
Category:Breakwater Category:RequirementPretty
Category:Gravity Base

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