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San Francisco Seasteaders Sailing Club

Let's get some practice with the ocean, hang out, and have fun! Add your name below if you are interested. Perhaps we can talk about organization at the Nov 6th social?

Mailing list, Mailing list RSS


For those of us who don't know how to sail, there are a few options:

  • OCSC Sailing - www.ocscsailing.com - Rated 5 stars on Yelp
  • Cal Sailing Club of Berkeley - www.cal-sailing.org/
  • Sailing Education Adventures - www.sailsea.org
  • Spinnaker Sailing - http://www.spinnakersailing.com/ - Redwood City

We'll be looking into a few options for weekend classes and let people know what's going on! :) If you have any suggestions or more info, please let us know!!


Dav Yaginuma is ASA certified up to ICC (which means can charter up to 36' sail boats), but doesn't own a boat.


Wayne has offered to donate a small (2-person) inflatable catamaran he never uses to the cause.

Patri wants to buy an AquaSkipper, unless someone talks him out of it. (The wired.com review suggests that the device has a significant learning curve)

There has been talk of buying a larger (30' - 40') boat as a group. There is a craigslist category for boats, here are some pretty ones: