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You can join the [[SeaWikiExperiment]] by adding yourself to this list of [[SeaSteader]]s:::
You can join the [[SeaWikiExperiment]] by adding yourself to this list of [[SeaSteader]]s:::
* [[RainerWasserfuhr]]
* [[RainerWasserfuhr]]
* [[RalfLippold]]
* You???
* You???

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Another optimistic ThoughtExperiment: Assume that members of the current SeaSteading community and users of the SeaSteading wiki would move to a SeaSteading platform tomorrow. How would we organize our Legal system and our microeconomy?

You can join the SeaWikiExperiment by adding yourself to this list of SeaSteaders:::

This is our current RuleSet:

  • you can edit the RuleSet, if you add your RealName to the UserPage of the SeaSteadingWiki
  • If you do not agree to a change of the RuleSet, you can
    • veto within 3 days,
    • then try to find a consent by discussing the RuleSet in the SeaSteadingWiki, and otherwise
    • vote among all SeaSteader's
  • Our MicroEconomy has a fixed amount of 10 000 000 SeaCoin's, that are initially owned by the community.
  • each SeaSteader has a public BankAccount at the SeaBank with a balance in SeaCoins.
  • The SeaWikiExperiment ends on 2011-12-31.
  • We kindly ask the SeaSteadingInstitute, the ThielFoundation and other interested parties to donate to a CurrencyBackingFunds for SeaCoins, that will be payed out to the participants, proportionally to their SeaBank balance at the end of the SeaWikiExperiment.
  • In the same way as described for the RuleSet, we decide about our common SeaBudget
  • The first 100 SeaSteaders joining this list will earn 10 000 SeaCoins each.
  • SeaCoins are managed by the SeaBank with the WikiTable below:


Current Balances:

SeaSteader SeaCoins
RainerWasserfuhr 10 000
You? 10 000

Remaining common funds: 9 990 000 SeaCoins


SeaCoins Position
1 000 000 10 000 SeaCoin each for the first 100 SeaSteaders joining the SeaWikiExperiment