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!  Example
!  Example
|  [[Single Family Seastead]], or [[User:Vincecate/SeasteadingViews|Vince views]], or [[Survivalist market]], or [[Self sufficient seastead]]
|  [[Single Family Seastead]], or [[User:Vincecate/SeasteadingViews|Vince views]], or [[Survivalist market]], or [[Self sufficient seastead]], or [[Refugee_market]]
|  [[User:Vincecate/Tension_circle_house|Tension Circle House]]
|  [[User:Vincecate/Tension_circle_house|Tension Circle House]]
|  [[User:Vincecate/GeodesicVessel|Geodesic Vessel]]
|  [[User:Vincecate/GeodesicVessel|Geodesic Vessel]]

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A seastead is a structure which is safe to live on in international waters. The goal is to enable dynamic geography where people can pick what legal system they are in without having to box up their stuff and change houses. Since the focus is on living on the water, not getting anywhere quickly or carrying heavy cargo, a seastead design can sacrifice speed through the water and cargo capacity to achieve lower costs per square foot and greater stability than a boat/yacht/ship of similar price.

There are several different lines of thinking about what seasteads should look like and the best strategies to get them built. The table below shows the main visions for what we should be working on to advance seasteading.

Vision/Why/Strategy Example Example Example
Single Family Seastead, or Vince views, or Survivalist market, or Self sufficient seastead, or Refugee_market Tension Circle House Geodesic Vessel WaterWalker
Breakwater Seastead, or BreakwaterBay Tension Circle Marina
Floating City Seastead, or High Road Clubstead Ocean Ranger Freedom Ship
Cruise Ship Seastead, or Shipstead Residensea The World ORCA
Basestead, or Outposts Basestead Belize
Why Ephemerisle Matters Ephemerisle
Prizes Ephemerisle Contest
Protected Waters Baltic Seasteading Floating Villa Mediterranean Seasteading
Building Seastead Community facebook seasteading.org conference

Note that the above approaches are not mutually exclusive, except in the sense that if you spend your time and money on one you don't have it to spend on another.