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The Seed Seastead is aptly named after it's shape and function.

With measurements based on the golden-ratio, it looks like an egg, potato or seed.

Here is a thread on the construction of a ferrocement-dinghy or concrete-boat of the same shape. It is 180cmx110cmx70cm or roughly 6ft by 4ft by 2ft.

The design is highly-modular in that it can be used as a row-boat, with keel and mast a sailboat, with propeller a power-boat, with cover and windows a submarine.

one that is 4 times larger in length,height,width would fit 2 people comfortably for an indefinite period of time.

one that is 7 times larger can house 10 people.

these seed-seasteads can be attached together at sea, to make floating island.