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== Duration ==
== Duration ==
== Judging ==
== Judging ==
== Deadline ==

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  • Must cost no more than $50,000.00 to build.
  • Must not require any tools that cannot be bought at Home Depot, nor require more than a pickup truck to transport.
  • Must provide at least 6000 square feet of living space, consisting of at least three tileable modules that are connected to each other for the duration of the contest (tileable means that you could expand the structure in any direction by adding more modules)
  • Each module must be of equal size (+-5%), and capable of long term flotation on its own.
  • Each module must have positive buoyancy and be capable of floating even if fully flooded.
  • Must not move outside a 1 mile radius during the year at sea. Station keeping must not require active human intervention.
  • You must find someone __who is not the builder/designer__ to live aboard full-time for at least one year.
  • After a year at sea, must sell at auction on Ebay for at least $50,000 to someone unrelated to you.
  • Must be located at least 24 miles from shore during the year long stay.
  • Must make all it's own water
  • Must be capable of moving under its own power at least 5 mph for 100 miles without refueling

Prize Amount