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Space Frame

Gossamer Space Frames - Space frame connector supplier and contractor.

"... Gossamer Space Frames was formed to develop the use of a unique joint for applications in "space frame" structures. This joint provides a rigid connection for circular tube framing members composed of any material that can be machined.
Because of the rigidity of this connection, it is possible to develop single layer thin shell structures of any shape where conventional space frame joints lack rigidity and require double layer grid systems. "Any shape" means literally; any shape conceivable, from spherical to hyperbolic, 3D sine waves, complex, or random compound curve surfaces..." Via Gossamer Space Frames
"...Each tension sleeve is inserted through the end cap and screwed into a block connector, which serves as a node in traditional space frame design (see diagram). The end cap moves axially along the tension sleeve and is threaded onto the tubular member in a "reach and grab" maneuver. Finally, the compression sleeve is threaded down over the end cap and thrust against the block connector...." Via A Modest Pedestrian Bridge Is Quite Well-Connected.


20kg/m2 honeycomb composite flooring


Concrete Roofing Tiles