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Various notes:

-Some of the quotes further down the page are unattributed. Presumably they are Patri quotes; is this standard style for press releases?

-I'm not sure about the "captive customer base" phrase. It seems a bit too MBA-glib to me. Of course I get it but I worry that less economics-savvy people will be turned off. I think a phrase along the lines of "Modern democratic governments can be very unresponsive" might be better. Or: "many people feel strongly alienated from their governments".

-You might want to make a one sentence mention of the various worldwide erosions of liberty that Seasteading will resist. Things like the success of authoritarian governments in Russia and China, the relentless increases in tax rates and government size, and invasions of privacy like the Patriot act might be worth mentioning.

-I LOVE the idea of constructing houses where they are cheapest and floating them to where they will be used. That should go even beyond the savings from beating land use regulations.

-You might want to throw something in for the environmentalists. "Seasteads will be well-positioned to use wind and solar power, and of course, seasteaders will not require cars. That means the environmental footprint of the seasteading lifestyle will be far smaller than a comparable land based lifestyle."

-Again, one of the biggest motivating factors I see for the seastead is to provide a means of escape for people living under oppressive governments. This is obviously a faraway goal but an inspiring one.

I don't think you should mention 100 foot waves. First less people will take us seriously. Second, we might use migration and not design for 100 foot waves or avoid them by being on the equator or someplace. Just say, "open ocean". Vincecate 03:10, 24 August 2008 (UTC)