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Ahoy maties! We're building an impractical 3-sides platform (now with crow's nest)! This page documents our progress.

Designer: Kipp McMichael Builders: Kipp McMichael, Trea Kines, Jean-Claude Breach

UPDATE: We done got granted! Thanks to the sponsors of Ephemerisle for giving us some cash to help pay for the platform. Their help is allowing us to build an even better platform than we originally proposed.


Notes: We realized after submitting our proposal that we probly over-planned some of the platform. The main beams likely didn't need to be 4-ply - so we are reducing the wood used to build the platform. Trea also had the bright idea to build a crow's nest too so we have a little perspective on the festival.


Home Depot is our friend.

Ebay and the internet are also our friend. We were able to source the PVC fittings online for about 1/3 the price of our local hardware store.