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Some things meant to convey an impression of me.

Raw data

  • Eelco Hoogendoorn
  • 24 years young
  • Born and raised Dutchman
  • Almost done with formal education

I self-identify as an engineer. I like to solve problems and understand things.

Areas of interest

  • Scientific computing (physics (of fluids))
  • General engineering (mechanical, software)
  • Philosophy of mathematics and physics
  • Explicit social contracts
  • Descriptive ethics, Ev-psy

People i like

  • Hume, Quine, Peirce, Feynman, Weyl
  • Universalists, empiricists, self-observerving people.
  • Spooner, Proudhon (property IS theft, by any sane definition: its just that i dont mind stealing)

People that annoy me

  • Defenders of the implicit social contract, statists, majority-tyrants, Keynesianists, central bankers, conjurers of victimless crimes.
  • People who believe there is such a thing as a-priori knowledge, objectivists, those who refuse to acknowledge the distinction between descriptive and prescriptive ethics. (yes, the latter is an opinion. and no, im not going to wait for absolute truth to arrive to justify my actions)
  • Continentalists, Social constructivists, something-ists, post-modernists, nihilists.


Current political systems are not even remotely to my likeing, and are not going to change. The changes that id most like to see, abolishment of the implicit social contract, is not even remotely on anyones mind. Starting from scratch seems much easier than renegotiating the current situation. Not that this is saying much, but at least it feels good to give the finger to Fukuyama, and break free from generation X. Live free or die trying.

Other things i like, in no particular order

Good beer, deep friendships, snowboarding, playing easy covers on your guitar to drunk audiences and have them think you are a good musician. Programming. Modafinil. Yep, thats basically it.