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This is probably the only area that I can call myself an expert in.

Asterisk can be made to build a tricked out phone system of any size at a trivial cost.

Ultimately, this page will be a set of config files, patches and dependencies for building such a system.


  • MELP/MELPe - Military grade encryption for minimizing bandwidth consumption
  • AMR - What cellphones use
  • g72x - What voip phones use
  • ilbc/speex - Open source low-bitrate codecs

Useful protocols

  • Bluetooth will be implemented via chan_bluetooth or chan_cellphone
  • GSM will be implemented with a commercial gateway.
  • Regular POTS service can be done using hardware
  • SIP - VoIP protocol
  • IAX - Lightweight VoIP protocol


  • Used to switch calls
  • Used to translate between various protocols
  • Used to perform IVR functionality such as voicemail


  • Not all that great in the open source world, but reasonable security can be achieved.