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This is a fake page for a PV/wind system to supply 25 people with power.

!!!!! This page is just meant to be an example of how implementation scenarios ought to be separated from regular pages !!!!!


Put up 50 190 watt PV modules on a tracking system. Mount 4 small wind turbines. Run the wires into the ZOMG9000 controller, and hook it up to 10 12V deep cycle batteries. Hook all that up to an inverter

Conditional Requirements

Any type of 'stead could handle this type of power system as long as it has the available solar area and a place to mount the turbines. Turbines make a lot of racket, so they should be kept away from living quarters.

(Here I might do some l33t math to prove the relative reliability of the system.)

Cost overview

  • 50 PV Mods at $900 a piece $45000
  • 1 active tracking system $2000
  • 4 400 watt turbines
  • 1 controller $2000
  • 10 batteries $10000
  • bunch of wires and stuff $1000

Total: $62K

Material Availability

All of the stuff here can be found off the shelf.

  • (link to place where they sell PV/turbines/controllers)
  • (link to place where they sell trackers)
  • (link to ace hardware)