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Accessibility is difficult at sea, especially when expensive ways like helicopters are ruled out (except for emergencies, possibly)

The "Arrival Bay" is meant to solve this problem. The idea is simply to make sure we somehow get a artificial bay that acts as a breakwater.

  • Option 1. Actually build a breakwater to form a bay. This is probably expensive.
  • Option 2. In case the Seastead is made from separate modules, create an incentive somehow to have the modules attached so that a bay emerges. Ideally, there would be a big "canal" in the middle, or a grid of canals that act both as a save place to get on and off ships, and doubles as a cheap road for transportation, "Venice at sea".

Placing a big horizontal sheet made of some strong material like canvas 10-20 ft below the ocean surface may also help to break the waves.