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Naomi Most's INCREDIBLE Ephemerisle Wiki Page

I do Science. I make things, I run conversations, and then I make conversation about running things.

You may know me from:

Frankengirl front.jpg

I'd like it if you followed me on Twitter: NTHMOST ...drop me a @mention, will you?

My Interest in Ephemerisle

...can be explored at length in two radio shows on Pirate Cat Radio.

Common Thread Radio Sept 11, 2009 - 10 minute interview with Enki about Ephemerisle (at the 1-hour mark)


Psionic Dehiscence Sept 21, 2009 - a Subversive Science hijack of DJ Yuri G's regular show on Friday nights, where Enki and I (DJ Prefect) talked about Apocalypse scenarios, played lots of great music, and explored Seasteading and Ephemerisle.

What I've Got Up My Sleeves

...since I'm not into bikinis.

Check out The Apocaisle Project... Me and these other guys are building a bunch of modular 8x8 platforms upon which can be floated all manner of silly things.

As I have a broad interest in [Communications] and specific attraction to piratical activities, MY goal is to create Ephemerisle's first Really Pirate Radio station.

I also have a ton of experience with the Asterisk PBX and would be down to help collaborate on seasteading intercom type things... perhaps even some USRP-based GSM stations.