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Please do not edit this unless you are Wayne. Feel free to add comments on the talk pages, though! And use any category that doesn't contain "Official".

Here we describe our goals, requirements, non-goals, and ideas for the conceptual design stage for low cost seasteads. This is meant to be given to one or more consultants in the offshore engineering field. It is being written on the public wiki to make use of wiki features such as categories. We may eventually incorporate designs and ideas from users as well.


Design a small, low-cost seastead that people can build or buy instead of a yacht, an RV, or a vacation home.


Every requirement should start with a short name. For name Foo, we will use a category RequirementFoo to organize ideas relating to that category, and the name links to the category page. So click on the name to learn about ideas for meeting that requirement.

Every design should have a section for each requirement, describing whether the design meets Foo, and any pros and cons.


  1. Cost. Driving down costs is paramount!
    1. Beat a boat on:
    2. Safety. People survive in a bad storm. A 300-year storm may damage the structure so severely that it needs to be replaced. That is what insurance is for.
    3. Comfort.
    4. Volume / area - more room than a boat. Lots more room.
  2. Standards. Should comply with as many marine safety and engineering standards as possible/practical (Classification, IMO, etc). Enable insurance, financing, compliance w/ Coast Guard regulations.
  3. Mobile - Move itself at a few knots.
  4. Maintainable/Servicable - no important stuff hidden or inaccessible. The owners will DIY types - infrastructure should be as open, accessible, hackable as possible. Require minimal drydocking / underwater diving.
  5. Manufacturable (construction / deployment not too difficult.)


These are bonuses:

  1. Draft. We would like the structure to be able to have low draft so it can dock at a marina. May have to be reconfigured (ie turn sideways) for docking.
  2. Pretty. The resulting structure has to have some appeal that people would want to live in it. We want to avoid a prison cell floating in the middle of the ocean design.
  3. Modular. Would be nice to be modular, so that multiple units can be combined into a larger one.
  4. Energy: Diesel for backup at least. Some solar, wind, wave.


  1. Single-orientation (flip-ship is ok)

Design Ideas

  • Structure: Wayne's single-spar platform w/ open truss extending down.
  • Structure: SWATH
  • Mobility: Use a shaft outside the hull, so we don't have to put the propeller shaft through the hull?

Specific Designs

These are more complete designs, including pros and cons for each requirement.