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Home Page and

I have made proposals for:

I have started a page on big wave videos and some platform videos.

I am interested in scale models.

I think each seastead could use a kite and sea anchor to control movement on an annual migration.

I think a good way to move people or cargo between seasteads is with a SkyWay.

Have made and tested a group of models. Will probably do some more model building and testing as I think of interesting things to try.

Looks like there are hurricane resistant Life rafts.

I think Cost estimation is important.

Started pages on IP and Patents.

Looking at the idea of Floating Villas for tourist rentals off the coast of Anguilla.

I have tried to get the HangingBallast page corrected by making a video showing what happens the way they have it.

I found some online charts of the San Fransisco Bay.

I think we need to understand what is Acceptable Motion for seasteads.

Seems like a Reality TV Show about seasteading could work.

I think we need to use some type of Low Cost Wave Tank so we can afford to do lots of experiments.

I think there are Medical Business possibilities for seasteads.

I think seasteads could be sold to the Survivalist market.