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Rental houses in Anguilla are called villas. This proposal is to make money renting out an early seastead prototype off the coast of Anguilla. This could also be called a "seastead resort".


In Anguilla there is no income tax or sales tax. However, there is a "hotel tax" or "visitor tax", officially called the "transient persons act". The government gets a 10% cut on the price of any room rented by the day or week.

Financial estimate

Anguilla villas are mostly full from Christmas to US Tax day (Apr 15). So there is about 4 months that people are fleeing the cold weather up in the US and coming to Anguilla. If a house got $500/night (plus the tax that goes to the government) for 4 months this would be about $60,000 for the venture. For this back of the envelope type estimate lets assume that you make enough during the rest of the year that the $60,000 is profit. A loan at 10% for $600,000 could sort of be paid with this profit. So if you could build a seastead for less than this, or charge more per night than this, you could be profitable.

Licenses and regulations

Would need a "business license", but this is not usually hard to get, particularly for a local.

A foreigner working on this venture would need a "work permit".

Seasteads would need a "boat license". I am checking with the guy that does the boat inspections to see if this would be a problem.


Starting out with just one or two seasteads they could be located close to land. But I think it would be best to move like 10 miles out when increasing to larger numbers. This way they are out of sight, and "out of sight is out of mind". If you are paying 10% to the government and not bothering anybody I don't think there would be any trouble.

Tourist activity

Going ashore from 10 miles out could take 20 minutes or more one way. So it would be nice if there was entertainment near the seastead. People might stay in the area for the whole week. Some possibilities are:

  • scuba diving
  • sailing
  • jet-skis
  • fishing
  • operating an ROV
  • restaurant/bar

Anguilla has a hotel named "Cuisinart" that has a hydroponic greenhouse. Tourists find the tour of the greenhouse very interesting. A similar thing could be done with the seasteads. Anything we were experimenting with, testing, developing could be of interest to someone who picked this vacation spot.


This close to land Internet is easy.