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The idea is to have a big floating ring or square that is so large it gives you good stability. Then using this like it was land, you build several single family houses on it. It may be easier to get something stable enough by having a large Multifamily seastead like this than just having single family seasteads. Probably will use the tension circle idea to keep this circle in shape (though not shown in drawings below).

Inside this circle there will not be as many small waves and landing a small seaplane might be possible. A seaplane can land in a relatively short distance because the water helps slow it down. A catapult might be used to launch it.


Really all houses should have the blue railing.


Here you would go inside the tunnels to go between the houses. But if the wave lines up exactly with one of the sides it can put a lot of force on that side. A wave has a harder time putting a lot of force on a circle, so probably circles are better.