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If we could make the Ball House or WaterWalker seasteads as cheaply as I think, a group of 10 of these could be within the budget of a reality TV show. You have a team on each seastead. You put a year supply of food-storage food onboard each but have the goal be to catch and grow your own foot and to minimize use of the stored food. Have a hydroponic system for them to use. Have solar power and satellite Internet. Have one of the goals be to earn money while at sea. They would have to use kites to get to different islands on a migration path. They would get points for staying close to the other seasteads and points for being on the migration route. Would design the points so the group would usually stay close enough together so that the camera and safety boats could easily go between them (like they kept within 10 miles of each other).

Best if boats have a big propeller for moving slowly near a port, and a dingy so they can go to land. A tug boat could tow them into and out of port if the big propellers were costly. The show would be different enough that I think people would find it interesting. And clearly each week you edit a weeks worth of video down to 1 hour of the most interesting stuff. Bet it could work.

Could have it where the top 3 teams get to keep their seasteads and also get cash prizes. But sort of like a homestead, they had to live on it for another X years before title was signed over. So you could attract people who were really interested in this way of life.

Fishing out in the open ocean you can catch big fish. Can also do small scale longline fishing from a seastead so really should be able to catch plenty of food. And novice bringing in a big fish, cleaning it, and cooking it could make for fun TV.