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Some things I might get around to doing sometime:

Making 1/5 scale model to play on

The next main project is building a model big enough to play on.

Measure Accelerations in my boat

Measure Gs of acceleration in my boat during different wave conditions to get an idea of how many Gs is OK and how much starts to bother people. Might just read some studies but since I will soon have a "G Data Logger" this should be easy enough. Could try it above deck and also below deck.

Measure force to move models

Measure force needed to move models at 1/5 MPH and 2/5 MPH to simulate 1 and 2 MPH. Also thinking of measuring force to move one of the barrels for the 1/5th scale model to be able to estimate how fast a kite will make that model move.

Nice video with new camera

I have shot nice video of the WaterWalker and might want to make better video of some of the other models.

Test tiling idea for WaterWalker

I could build several WaterWalkers and try connecting them together to verify the tiling plan. Ordered some extra foam balls so I could make two more WaterWalkers, for a total of 3. Could be interesting.