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This should be somewhat self-explanatory. A number of these are placed in a circle to protect an area of ocean against waves. See Vince´s Tension Circle Marina for details:

The connection between segments function like a simple door hinge. You float two segments close together. Then connect the hinges in the order: middle, top, bottom. This is in order to line up the bottom hinge without seeing it (no divers required).

The wires that function as the "spokes" of the "wheel" are pre-connected to the segments, one on each side, top and bottom, respectively. The tension from the hub will thus pull the hinges tighter.

The "keel" is an attempt to be able to use one piece moulds in the construction of these things. This way you can just lift them out when they have cured. I am not sure how realistic this is. The rectangular space inside the breakwater can be used as real estate. Housing, commercial, storage or whatever. The top deck can be used as a walk- or driveway.

The rectangle is 5x3 meters on the outside. Total height excluding glass fence is 6,5m. Length is 20m.