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Concrete Shell Seasteading

concrete shell seasteading is seasteading based on concrete shells like spheres, lenses, and blimp shapes.

It differenciates from concrete floats like used in houseboat building by the curved nature of the shapes that gives a lot more structural integrity and makes the float "open water capeable"

Houses on concrete rafts have been in use for quite a time now - but they are limited to very protected water spaces. On contrary a concrete shell wraped around your living space gives it a absolute new class of open water capeability.

Similar concepts have been discussed at:

What differs "concrete shell seasteading" most from the other concepts is that the shell is not a auxiliary part that supports a kind of light platform but it is the seastead in itself.

It is also of essence that the shell is built in reinforced concrete not in steel, not in ferrocement, not in other materials as only reinforced concrete structures offer a maintenance free service life of 200 years in marine ambient.

shell seasteading is not living in a bunker! on contrary it can be very close to living on a luxury yacht - just MUCH more affordable - literally at average US and European housing prices instead of "yacht prices".

For a good impression how concrete shell seasteading would look like check this artist vision floating lens island

In a future city seastead each family house seastead would form part of the city just like the plastic bottle island is based on small bouyant units tied together. Hundreds of concrete shell structures would form a settlement that is unsinkable and redundant similar to the plastic bottle island.

A Recently suggested concepts of concrete shell seasteading is the Seastar Platform .