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I think modular should be moved from absolute to negotiable. If the seasteads did not connect, but could keep from bumping into each other that would be good enough. Connecting would be nice, but if it makes things not affordable it should be tossed. Vince Cate

Not being an oil rig relaxes a lot of the extreme restrictions they bear: on an oil rig sparking metals are banned from many usages and all heat sources (for cooking, mainly) are paranoidly isolated and are always electrical. They have heavy redundancy requirements on most equipments, which we would not need as much if we got several seasteads clumped together and not a single platform. They also have as little living space as they can afford to leave for the crew, IIRC, that's another big difference - unless we consider a seastead as a floating workshop designed specifically for whatever comparatively advantageous business it conducts. -- Jesrad

Structure requirements

An anonymous user made this page Structure requirements. I think they should be removed and some of them maybe incorporated in the list of requirements. Already listed:

  • Reasonably safe (Safety)
  • Stable enough to live and work on (Comfort)
  • Affordable price/living-area ratio (Cost)
  • Accessible by support vessels for people and supplies (Cargo)
  • Movable, not just floating (Mobile)
  • Modular so can grow a community (Modular)

This one may be listed as Safety, but i guess what he means is something like a safety hull:

  • Graceful failure modes

Possibly missing, but could be Cost:

  • Long lifespan

Not sure:

  • Room for solar or wind systems for energy independence
  • Space for farming
  • Minimize structure motion due to waves (probably Comfort)

Joep 15:53, 3 June 2008 (UTC)

I made those pages from posts on the forums before I had a wiki login and before finding the official requirements. It does seem like these points should be merged into this page and the other pages removed. Vincecate 23:17, 5 June 2008 (UTC)