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== Volunteer List Info ==
This page is out dated. 
Thanks for your interest in helping us out!  A few general notes about our volunteer program:
To check the up-to-date listings of volunteer opportunities, please click [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-and-volunteering here].
* For budgetary reasons, we must minimize the number of paid staff, with a very few exceptions for major roles (and even there, we're trying to get people for less than their professional rates). So we will put up projects for volunteers first.
* If there are no volunteers, we will give preference to those willing to work at a discounted rate
We are using the wiki to organize the list of volunteers, since it is user-editable, which is much simpler for the TSI administrators than the previous method of having volunteers post on a forum thread or email volunteers@seasteading.org.  If you are interested in helping out, please:
* [[FillOutYourProfile]] skills (if you posted them publicly, we may have done this for you):
* Add your name to any projects/positions/sections you're interested in.
** Link your name to your seasteading.org profile with <nowiki>{{U|your_username}}</nowiki>, as you can see in the existing entries.
** Add any details, like special skills / qualifications that aren't in your profile skills section.
** If you'd need to be paid, please note that.
We have populated the list based on [http://seasteading.org/interact/forums/community/volunteering-opportunities/want-help this forum thread] and emails sent to volunteers@seasteading.org, but we may have missed some, so please check your listing and of course feel free to edit it.
== List of Projects / Areas ==
=== About The List ===
* Each role links to a description on the [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#volunteers TSI Jobs/Volunteer Page]
* For filled roles, also see the [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#filled TSI Jobs/Volunteer Page]
* There will be more projects available in the future, check back here or watch the blog for announcements.
* Feel free to add new roles to the Miscellaneous section at the end.  Please don't add/edit roles in earlier sections!
=== The List ===
==== Community ====
===== General =====
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#conference Conference Coordinators] - Help us make our first annual conference fun and inspiring!
** Alexis Bright
** {{U|anne}} - I've done quite a lot of conferences thus far, up to 400 people, so I know what needs to be done, what the best ways are to get things done and to get speakers, negotiate deals etc.  I am however based in the Netherlands right now, but am willing to travel, plus that my evenings are daytime in the US, which is where I suspect you will want the conference to be organized, so no time-difference trouble there.
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#membership Membership Coordinator] - Design and operate our membership program.
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#marketing Marketing Associate] -  Help us craft a sticky message and simplify our vision to its bare essentials.
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#burners Burners] - Help represent the seasteading community at Burning Man!
** {{U|cody}} - Will be attending BM 2008, can hand out anything sent to me. Little late to get an art car started. but I could be talked into doing one.
===== Website =====
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#website Site Associate] - Help us run the seasteading.org website!
** {{U|thebastidge}}
** [[User:Themorgantown|Daniel Morgan]]
** Brian Mendenhall
** Patrick Moelands - Webmaster at a company, 10+ years web design, 5 years linux experience.
* Forum Administrator
** {{U|lasse-birk-olesen}} - I have some experience here
** João Leite - I have already worked as an assistant-editor to an academic website (we had a forum)
** {{U|Joep}} - Removing spam is a dream come true
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#seo Site Publicity Associate] - Help us with SEO / Blog publicity.
===== Graphics/Design =====
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#visual Visual Inspiration Associate] - Find good pictures (and quotes) for the website
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#design Design Associates] - We have a number of 2D and 3D graphic design projects.
** Paul Spooner - Blender Modeling (also Gimp and Inkscape)
** [http://seasteading.org/users/ajtaka ajtaka] - Blender Modeling, svg coding, vector drawing
** [http://seasteading.org/users/xoid xoid] - 3d graphics (povray.org)
** [http://seasteading.org/users/jesrad Jesrad] - Second Life and Wings3D modeling
** [http://seasteading.org/users/deanlandolt Dean Landolt] - Graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator). Modeling (AutoCAD, Sketchup). I've done both professionally, but being a F/OSS developer I really ought to hone my design chops with the Free toolchain anyway.
** Charles Lee - Masters Degree in Architecture from California College of Art in SF.  Sent portfolio, and would need to be paid.
===== Programming =====
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#drupal Drupal Programmer] - We have many small website projects available for those with Drupal/PHP experience.
** Mathijs Koenraadt of Morningtime Internet Agency
** Arto Bendiken
** [http://seasteading.org/users/deanlandolt Dean Landolt] - I've hacked around with Drupal -- I'm not expert but I know me some PHP.
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#gis GIS Programmer] - We would like to add more interactive geodata to the website.
** [[User:Anatolie|Golovco Anatolie]]
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#parsebook Perl/Python Programmer]
** Brian Mendenhall
===== Regional =====
These are unofficial roles where you agree to help out with a particular country.  We might direct press inquiries from that country to contact you for a quote or interview, ask you to translate or summarize local articles, or for a couch to crash on if we come visit :).
* Australia
** {{U|Temujin}} - perhaps regional ambassador for Australia and/or Asia. I should be able to handle translation to Chinese.
* Brazil
** João Leite - I live in Brazil and I have experience with public speaking, I speak Portuguese (native), English, Spanish (fluent) and German (advanced).
* Denmark
** {{U|lasse-birk-olesen}}- I can currently go to all of Denmark, Southern Sweden, and Northern Germany and evangelize in Danish and English, orally and in writing. I have experience in speaking to an audience.
* Finland
** {{U|ajtaka}}
* Italy
** {{U|Pippolo}}
* Netherlands
** {{U|eelco}}, {{U|Joep}}
* France
** {{U|jesrad}}
==== Research ====
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#research Research Associate] - Help us kick off the research program by finding/hiring a full-time Chief Scientist.
* [http://seasteading.org/contribute/jobs-tsi#sab Scientific Advisory Board Coordinator] - Help us create the SAB.
* Chief Scientist (needs job description)
* Legal research - We have a volunteer experienced w/ international maritime law, but will surely have other questions, and it would be good to have someone to help interpret his answers and spec out his projects.
** {{U|zavislak}} - I'll have the ability to do independent research for law school credit during the next two years. I'll see what I can come up with on my own, but if you have any suggestions about particular topics, let me know!
* Web Research
** {{U|lasse-birk-olesen}}
** João Leite -  I have some experience with academic researching, and I have already worked as an assistant-editor to an academic website.
==== Engineering ====
* Eng Consulting Crew - Add your name here if you're willing to be emailed / pestered with occasional engineering questions.  Mention your specialties.
** [http://seasteading.org/users/eelco eelco] - Mech. E
** [http://seasteading.org/users/seymour77 seymour77] - Ocean Engineering, Power systems, support infrastructure.
** [http://seasteading.org/users/sundiver sundiver] - I have extensive and varied marine experience that could benefit your organization...In almost any aspect of your endeavors, I can express an opinion on whether something is fiction or fantasy, and support it.
* Director of Engineering (needs job description)
** Andy House
** Gary T (see [http://seasteading.org/interact/forums/community/volunteering-opportunities/want-help#comment-38 post])
** ? Rob Bryan (see [http://seasteading.org/interact/forums/community/volunteering-opportunities/want-help#comment-1050 post])
* Manual Labor in San Francisco, CA, USA
** [http://seasteading.org/users/andrewdblevins andrewdblevins] - I would be up for helping with heavy lifting and manual labor over a summer when you get ready for construction.
==== Administrative (none at this time) ====
==== Miscellaneous (Feel free to add new roles!) ====
Feel free to add new roles here!
===== Website stuff =====
* Misc IT work/skills
** {{U|Pippolo}} - I could help in Information Technology (I'm a Networking Manager)
** Ivan - I work in IT and developer workloflow system.  I have MCSE, MCDBA certificate's
** {{U|xoid}} - Unix sysadmin
** {{U|Mikhail}} - Unix/Windows system administration, hosting skills,
* Misc Design work
** {{U|Tuk}} - I'm a professional webdesigner with 5 years (2 pro) experience working with web/graphic design and site administration. I'm mainly profficient in xHTML, and CSS, but I've got experience working with most major CMSes, running blogs/forums etc. I can do minor backend work, and can work with PHP/ASP files.  So basically if you need any help with the website frontend I can do it. I'm not a "programmer" though, I leave scripting to the smarter guys :)
* Misc Programming
** {{U|aquatsr}} - Extensive C/C++, MATLAB, and MathCad skills, Moderate Perl, PHP, SQL, Python skills
** {{U|LegioNovaInvicta}} -  I am able to program in C, PHP, HTML, Javascript
** {{U|Mikhail}} - Programming skils (Perl/PHP/C and some other languages, database programming),
** {{U|deanlandolt}} - Python is my language of choice, but I can work with PHP and the like. I also have a bunch of front end experience with Flash and javascript libraries (jQuery in particular is my savior these days).
** {{U|Marco.antonio.costa}} - I've programmed in PHP, C/C++, Javascript and SQL. I use GNU/Linux mostly.
===== Business / Entrepreneurship =====
* Medical - [http://seasteading.org/users/libertariandoc libertariandoc]: I'd like to take on the research and some development for medical plans and facilities
* General - [http://seasteading.org/users/whysean whysean] - "Former HavenCo CEO looking for work :-) - I am willing to help in any way that does not involve moving anywhere."
===== Infrastructure =====
* General Skills
** {{U|finch}} - fish culturist, general handyman, some experience with commercial fisheries harvest/management/enhancement.
** {{U|andw00t}} - I can any work as the electrician, the electronician, the radioian, the radarian incliuding disel power generation.
** {{U|LegioNovaInvicta}} - I am a first year Electronic Engineering with business management student. Therefore I have acquired a background in Physics, Maths, Circuits and assembly programming.
* Defense
** Russell Whitaker
**  {{U|firefool125}} - i may not be an expert, but ever since i was little i have loved everything there was to know about military warfare and defense technology, so if there is anything that you need to know about defense of the seasteads then I will know it, be able to find out about it, or be able to find the right person to help you with it.
** {{U|Halcyon}} - Im trained in the use of firearms, (pistols, assault-rifles, heavy-machineguns,grenades). Im trained in military warfare, first response, tactics, and troop supervision.
* Power Generation
** BenderFry - I have a BS in Chemical Engineering, with 3 years production experience.  I could assist in control systems and power generation (specifically of the turbine based systems).

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This page is out dated.

To check the up-to-date listings of volunteer opportunities, please click here.