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Volunteer List Info

Thanks for your interest in helping us out! A few general notes about our volunteer program:

  • For budgetary reasons, we must minimize the number of paid staff, with a very few exceptions for major roles (and even there, we're trying to get people for less than their professional rates). So we will put up projects for volunteers first.
  • If there are no volunteers, we will give preference to those willing to work at a discounted rate

We are using the wiki to organize the list of volunteers, since it is user-editable, which is much simpler for the TSI administrators than the previous method of having volunteers post on a forum thread or email volunteers@seasteading.org. If you are interested in helping out, please:

  • FillOutYourProfile skills (if you posted them publicly, we may have done this for you):
  • Add your name to any projects/positions/sections you're interested in.
    • Link your name to your seasteading.org profile with {{U|your_username}}, as you can see in the existing entries.
    • Add any details, like special skills / qualifications that aren't in your profile skills section.
    • If you'd need to be paid, please note that.

We have populated the list based on this forum thread and emails sent to volunteers@seasteading.org, but we may have missed some, so please check your listing and of course feel free to edit it.

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