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I anticipate taking the "Category" column off this before migrating to the main volunteer page.

Community projects: Website

Project Category Urgency (1-3, 1=high, 3=some) Description Special qualifications Estimated time Target completion date
Website sysadmin A- 2 Watch for and repair broken links

Report on web traffic and referrals
Miscellaneous technical tasks

Experience with UNIX-based website administration

Familiarity with Drupal (or a willingness to learn)
HTML and programming skills

3-6 hours per week n/a (ongoing role)
Website community manager A- 2 Moderate comments and forums Community management experience is a plus 3-6 hours per week n/a (ongoing role)
Website planner A- 2 Work with Patri Friedman, TSI's Executive Director, to brainstorm and prioritize feature requests, and work with other volunteers to implement those plans 2-4 hours per week n/a (ongoing role)
Website volunteer coordinator A 2 Coordinate efforts of multiple volunteers who help with the website:

- Track status and outstanding dependencies
- Make sure all necessary communication is happening between volunteers
- Help recruit volunteers

Project management experience a plus 3-6 hours per week n/a (ongoing role)
Webmaster A+ 1 Ideally, we'd find one individual who was willing to take on multiple (or all) of the roles above. See above 7-14 hours per week n/a (ongoing role)