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Draft state!

I anticipate taking the "Category" and column off this before migrating to the main volunteer page.

Community projects: Website

Project/Role Category Urgency (1-3, 1=high, 3=some) Description Special qualifications Estimated time Target completion date
Website Sysadmin A- 1 Address technical problems that come up

Help establish a more mature development environment (source control, etc.)
Watch for and repair broken links
Report on web traffic and referrals
Other miscellaneous technical tasks

Experience with UNIX-based website administration

Familiarity with Drupal (or a willingness to learn)
HTML and programming skills

2-6 hours per week n/a (ongoing role)
Website Community Manager A- 2 Moderate comments and forums Community management experience is a plus 2-4 hours per week n/a (ongoing role)
Website Planner A- 2 Work with Patri Friedman, TSI's Executive Director, to brainstorm and prioritize feature requests, and work with other volunteers to implement those plans 2-4 hours per week n/a (ongoing role)
Website Volunteer Coordinator A 2 Coordinate efforts of multiple volunteers who help with the website:

- Track status and outstanding dependencies
- Make sure all necessary communication is happening between volunteers
- Help recruit volunteers

Project management experience a plus 3-6 hours per week n/a (ongoing role)
Webmaster A+ 1 Ideally, we'd find one individual who was willing to take on multiple (or all) of the roles above. See above 7-14 hours per week n/a (ongoing role)
Secret GIS project B 2 This is a fun idea we'd like to keep secret, which would involve a moderate amount of GIS programming, in conjunction with an online store, and some visual displays (Google Maps, Google Earth KMZ output, etc.). It might produce some revenue (that you could share in) and publicity. You can use any platform you want for serving the data, but it will need to talk to our Drupal site for user information. We'd probably be willing to pay for this, since it is potentially revenue-generating and should be high-quality. Professional development experience with real-time web applications ??? ???
Little Drupal projects B 2 Lots of ideas for small development projects -- more details coming soon. Varies Varies
Pretty Front Page (content) B 3 Pretty Front Page - We want to replace the current image & Mark Twain quote on the front page w/ a slowly-updating slideshow with a variety of quotes and images. Perhaps make a screensaver version as well. You'd be responsible for finding inspiring, royalty-free artwork relevant to us (ocean scenes, ships, oil platforms, wind turbines...) and appropriate quotes. Ideally, you'd also find good images for other sections of the site. Some minimal graphic design experience (2D photoshop work) desired, so you can combine quotes and images nicely. A different volunteer would write the code to actually rotate in the images you find. 5-10 hours Q4 2008
Pretty Front Page (development) B 3 Work with the content volunteer to implement the front page improvements described above. It would be great to find one person who was interested in both of these roles! Drupal development experience, or a willingness to learn 5-10 hours Q4 2008
Book Beta Webpage software improvements B 1 The Book Beta is generated using Scrivener and MultiMarkDown. The MMD outputs a single large XHTML file. Since it is XHTML, it is cleanly structured (book hierarchy is reflected in H1, H2... hierarchy), and should be easy to parse. We want it split into sections, with TOCs/headers/footers added, and forward/back/up/down links. Much like the Book Alpha, but going 1-2 levels deeper in splitting (sections, not just chapters). This script will become part of our pipeline for the "live" version of the book - it will continuously evolve in Scrivener, and periodically get exported to HTML and PDF for printing. Software development skills (likely Perl or Python) 20-50 hours Q4 2008
Site Publicity Associate A 1 You would manage our blogroll, try to get reciprocal links, and try to grow blog/website traffic by posting blog entries to relevant places (forums, link-sharing sites) and emailing them to prominent bloggers (when appropriate). One part of this could be to start a blog of your own to help drive traffic to us, as described in the "Supporting Blogger" role below. You'd also analyze our search traffic, figure out how we were getting it and how we could get more, that sort of thing. This could be sliced into multiple projects if you only want to take on part of it. SEO, blogging, and promotion experience is a plus. 2-4 hours per week n/a (ongoing)
Supporting Blogger C 3 One way to try to drive web traffic to The Seasteading Institute is for other blogs to link to us. If you have a blog, or would be interested in starting one, that covers seasteading-relevant issues or technologies (e.g. Blue Economy), you can help. The idea here is to try to grow your readership independently, and link back to TSI's main site when you can. Varies n/a (ongoing)