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The first annual seasteading conference was held Friday, October 10th 2008, at the Embassy Suites in Burlingame, CA.

This page is for community-contributed stuff about the conference. Edit it and add your thoughts! Official TSI reports (copies of slides, videos, etc.) are at:




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  • Michael Hartl:
    • "There will never again be a first seasteading conference. This was it - and we were there!"
    • "Peter Thiel funds all the things I would if I had enough money. It takes some pressure off me!"
  • Carl: "Wow, you have signs! It's a real conference!"
  • Eelco
    • On the movement getting bad PR from what some people do on the ocean: "We should tell people: Don't judge me for what someone else does just because they live in the same kind of house that I do!"
    • On business ideas "We have "Sin City - drugs" and "Rehab / Detox retreat center" - we can set them up next to each other and just shuttle people back and forth."
  • Mikolaj: "One seastead invading another seastead is always the wrong solution."

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