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Seastead Outpost: Belize is an effort to put into action the concept of "basesteading" first presented by DanB as a part of TSI's strategy of Seasteading Outposts. The simple understanding of this effort is to collect a group of seasteading enthusiasts in one location, leveraging the economies of scale to free up time and promote teamwork, aimed at achieving seasteading. Many people have described the effort as a stepping stone or a bridge between where we each find ourselves now and where we would like to be in a few years... namely, floating free in the deep ocean.

What's New

5.22.09: I can barely believe it's been two weeks. Time flies this time of year! Added "Participation" heading with tiers of involvement. Refinement of these thoughts desired.

5.7.9: Possible Locations heading up, along with DRP link to TSI forums. General Vision up (big thanks to Ian [Hephaeston] for asking the questions that helped refine this plan). Revenue Options up.

5.6.09: Well, everything at this point. First draft of the wiki is up. Many of the forum threads are still active. There's still a lot in the "Work in Progress" heading that has been done but not updated on this wiki yet.

Possible Locations

Seastead Outpost: Belize could be located in a variety of places (in which case we may have to choose a new name). We currently use Belize in the name because it has become the focus of our search for a pristine location to build a Seastead Outpost. A DRP (Distributed Research Project) has been released on TSI's forum here.

General Vision for the First Two Years

(excerpt from PM to Ian)

Seastead Outpost: Belize is still in the early stages of planning. Much of what I am going to share with you is subject to change, however it should give you a view similar to my own of how this effort is taking shape. Critique and advice is welcome, explain how to do something better/different and we'll incorporate it if it works.

The property will be purchased by an individual(me) or small group of people. The property needs plenty of space (as this operation will need to expand and grow over time), and access to the sea (for our seasteading efforts of course). Those who wish to be a part of this, without the ability to invest any capital themselves, will be invited to live and work in exchange for living quarters, food, and the materials needed to experiment with seasteading technology. Though an initial compact will be signed and agreed upon for a certain amount of time (1-2 years?), anyone is free to leave at any time... but you leave with what you came with, can't take anything with you.

The first group will be roughing it for a while as no buildings or infrastructure is in place at this location. We'll focus on building these structures and infrastructure. Self-sufficiency is the name of the game... MDI concrete dome buildings, PV solar power, rainwater collectors, etc. It takes a certain type of person for this first phase and I am that type of person. Seems I'm not the only one, at least half (if not more) of those seriously interested in this project want in during this period. Our group will work as an intentional community, working together, eating together, sharing sparce quarters together.

With a basic settlement with infrastructure set up, we'll begin to shift our focus over to developing seastead technologies. Those of us with families will have them come down to join us (in a much more comfortable lifestyle than the first couple of months). Micro-farming, aquaculture, seastead models, algaeculture, waste recycling/disposal, water desalination, etc. TSI has already agreed to aim monies for R&D efforts in our direction as a form of support. We'll continue to build, as we'll need workshops, storage, fabrication facilities, as well as additional housing areas that will allow folks from TSI to visit and participate for a limited period of time. It is this area that some see an opportunity for eco-tourism as a source of income. Our group will continue to act as a communal society at this point, though we'll have our own quarters with shared common areas and each individual will work for the benefit of the community as a whole. At this phase, we'll experiment with unique economic models to see how things could work on a small scale.

After a year or two (whatever the initial agreement is between the property owner and those who come) the agreement will be done. Seastead Outpost: Belize will be a developed property that suits the needs of wanna-be seasteaders and eco-fanatics everywhere. We'll have a completely self-sufficient micro-society with the ability to generate our own power, clean water, and abundant food. It is our sincere hope that a fully functional seastead would be floating near-by awaiting her first crew to take her out into the deep blue. Those who wish to stay behind will still be a part of seasteading as our outpost will act as a crucial connection for the seastead to the rest of society. Those who stay will likely be running one of the industries they worked so hard to create and work at over the past few years. A simple economic system (that does not rely on outside currency) will empower each individual to make their work as efficient and profitable as they like. This economic system will extend to the seastead as they will likely need some help from the outpost until they can get self-sufficient themselves... and even then, we'll each be better at different things so trade will make sense.

Anyone who wants to get rich in the currencies of current countries would probably do better for themselves to stay put. Those who want to be a part of something new and give their progeny a fresh start in a truly free atmosphere may judge this plan to offer great amounts of wealth. I'm somewhere in the middle myself. I can say this for certain: Anyone who does come along, at any point, to Seastead Outpost: Belize will be fundamentally changed by the experience.


Without any organization, the levels of participation of interested parties is as varied and unique as each individual is. Some order needs to be established so that each of us can see what is available for each of us. The following tiers are a rough model that will be refined as we better understand Seastead Oupost: Belize.

Crew Members: These people will come to Seastead Outpost: Belize will little more than the clothes on their back and the skills in their minds. A compact will be drawn up for each individual when they arrive. For a predetermined period of time (1-2 years) a crew person will be given room and board in exchange for their labor each day. Crew are encouraged to work on seasteading tech in their free time and will make use of shared facilities for many of their daily activities. A crew person can terminate their compact at any time and leave the outpost but will not be able to take anything more than what they brought with them when they first arrived.

Bosun: These folks bring a transferable income or business to the Outpost. They will lease a portion of the outpost on which a private personal structure will be erected. This lease money will go towards keeping the outpost financially supported, as such they will not be required to work as Crew members do. Additionally, they will have access to the workshops and be encouraged to experiment with seasteading tech in their free-time. Bosun are expected to complete any lease they agree to, however they are not obligated to renew a lease that expires and may depart the outpost at that time.

Sponsor: These individuals are investing capital into the start-up of the outpost. This capital will take the form of a loan which will be paid back at a predetermined rate. Additional "perks" to such position will be added as this tier is further refined.

Revenue Options

Two broad options: Bring it with you or make it there.

For those of us who can bring an income with them, we'll work out a seperate agreement compared to the compact used for everyone else. I know how hard it is to turn your income into a transferrable thing, even though I have done it successfully that only means I intimitely know how difficult this can be.

For the rest of us we'll need to produce something that can be sold for a profit or provide a service that is in demand locally. These areas need to be developed and refined to a greater extent as we'll be depending on this income after a time. Below are some options already talked about:

Excess production. If our aim is self-sufficiency we'll be making our own clean water, fresh foods, raising fish and renewable energy. Selling excess that we produce above and beyond our needs can help us make ends meet. It is not likely that this will be a very significant source of income for us.

Eco-Tourism. Our outpost will be built to last, powered by renewable energy, complete with waste recyclers and self-sufficient small scale farming/hydroponics. The hands on DIY areas make a fantastic attraction for those so inclined. Our unique "seastead" angle puts us in a niche all our own and helps us to stand out from the crowd. This business would emerge from our own growth as a community; a natural result of us opening our doors to the outside world to say, "look! this IS POSSIBLE! and YOU can do it too!"

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